HoopTech Dream Frame (Gen 2), Compact and Large/XL Back of Cap Clamps, and 270 Bucket Hat Clamp

The HoopTech Dream Frame (Gen 2 Frame) [ShopMelco link], the Large Back of Cap Clamp [ShopMelco link] and the XL Back of Cap Clamp are compatible with all current Melco Embroidery Machines (AMAYA, XT, XTS, Bravo, EMT16, EMT16Plus, EMT16X).

If these hoops do not appear in your software's Hoop Manager screen, they can be added by updating the Hoops Database.

The listing in the Hoop Manager screen is according to the Cap Driver (Red or Graphite/Silver) that it is attached to.  Various selections below are dependent upon the version of Melco software: 


Gen2 / Dream Frame - choose:

Advanced Interface (OS):

  • Red Gen2 Frame When using Red WACF
  • Graphite Gen2 Frame   When using Graphite/Silver WACF

Simplified Interface (UI):

Select the image that matches your driver.  You will only see the drivers listed for the model of Melco machine detected by the software.


This example picture is of the red driver.


The Gen2 / Dream Frame is best paired with the HoopTech T Bar Cap Gauge.

Here is a Hooptech video on Using the Gen 2 Frame.


Hooptech Large (XL) Back of Cap Clamp:  

The Hooptech Large (XL) Back of Cap Clamp is now compatible with Melco embroidery machines using the Red Wide Angle Cap Driver and the latest Hoop Database.   Within the Melco operating software choose:

  • Red Hoop Tech XL Cap Back Clamp


  Compact Back of Cap Clamp - choose:

  •   Red Hoop Tech Hat Back Clamp    When using Red WACF
  •   Graphite Hoop Tech Hat Back Clamp   When using Graphite/Silver WACF


Hooptech 270 Bucket Hat Clamp (Not Recommended)

Melco does not recommend the use of the Hooptech 270 Bucket Hat Clamp.  That clamp's design could lead to damaging the Melco embroidery machine. Melco's recommendation is to instead use the standard Wide Angle Cap Frame  (see video).


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