DesignShop 12 Features and Education Videos

See What's New in DesignShop 12.

Here is the complete DesignShop 12 User Manual.

New DesignShop 12 Features:

Here are Educational Videos for DesignShop 12 on YouTube:

Screen Overview


Files of Type

Graphics File Support

Embroidery File Types

Project View

Design Checker Tab

Zoom Tools

Selecting Wireframe Elements

Select, Scale, Rotate and Slant Elements

Managing Colors

Creating a Lettering Element

Alphabet Types

Special Characters

Lettering Property Essentials

Letter Scaling, Slanting, Rotating and Kerning

Tie Stitches

Connection Types

Justification and Sew Order

Lettering Line Types

Letter Spacing

Accessing Object Properties

Stitch Types

Walk Element Properties


Short Stitches

Use Fill/Satin for Stitch Lines


Pull Compensation / Pull Offset


Tie Stitches - Tie In & Tie Off

Digitizing Process 

Digitizing a Sample Design

Digitizing Tools

Toolbars & Preferences

Walk Input

Column 1 Input Method

Column 2 Input Method

Single Line Input Method

Complex Fills - Traditional Method

Complex Fills - Unafill Method

Digitizing Appliqué

Appliqué Input Method

Wireframe Editing

Editing Tools & Adding Stitches to Vector Elements

Grouping & Sequencing

Split Elements

Converting Vector Graphics to Wireframe

Graphic Conversion Assistant - Converting Vector to Embroidery










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