Windows 10 Compatibility with Melco Software

  • Melco OS and Bravo OS v11.04.056 and higher are compatible with Windows 10. If you have a previous version of Melco OS or Bravo OS, use the Tools - Check for Updates feature within the software to download and install the latest version.  Click Here for Important Configuration Instructions.

If you have a new Melco machine and software, and the Melco machine is not detected on your computer, review this troubleshooting document.


  • DesignShop 10:  Version 10.03.025 and above is compatible with Windows 10.  If you have an earlier version of DesignShop 10, use the Tools - Check for Updates feature within DesignShop to download and install the latest update.


  • DesignShop 9:   Version 9.00.128 of DesignShop v9 is compatible with Windows 10.


  • AMAYA OS v10.01.001 (final update) has been tested and does function properly in Windows 10.  Versions of AMAYA OS prior to 10.01.001 may not function properly in Windows 10 (see below).



Older AMAYA OS software not listed above:

Older versions of Melco software not listed above were not designed to operate on 64-bit Windows operating systems. Running older versions of AMAYA OS software in Compatibility Mode may provide a workaround. Do not use Compatibility Mode with any of the current software versions listed can prevent the software from running properly.


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