Thread Break Sensitivity Setting in Melco OS and Bravo OS

Review the steps for Thread Breaks Not Being Detected or Bobbin Break, before making adjustments to the Sensitivity values below.

Before proceeding, update your software to the most recent software version.


Important:  For information on Feed Adjustment, refer to this article instead.


Go to:  Tools - Settings - Machine.  

The default value is:

Sensitivity: 0



How and When to Adjust this setting:

Sensitivity (Values start at 0 and can range from -10  to 10)   If you are encountering excessive False Thread/Bobbin Breaks, you can increase your Thread Break Sensitivity value in increments of 1.  Start by changing from 0 to 1, then run the machine to determine if the False Thread/Bobbin Breaks are eliminated.  If they continue to occur, you can increase the value to 2 and then run the machine.  That value can continue to be increased by increments of 1 (max value 10) until the False Thread/Bobbin Breaks are eliminated. Finally, test for Real Thread Breaks while sewing by cutting the thread in the area between the Thread Sensor and the Needle to verify that the Thread Break is detected.

If actual thread breaks are not being consistently detected, or your machine isn't detecting bobbin run-out, you can lower the Sensitivity value by increments of 1 until it properly detects thread breaks. Change the value to -1 and start sewing, then cut the thread that's currently being used and observe whether it's immediately detected.  You can continue to decrease that value (-2, -3, etc.) as necessary.


Backup on Thread Break

Upper setting has a maximum of 10 Stitches.

Bobbin setting has a maximum of 17 Stitches.



OLDER VERSIONS ONLY:  If you are using Operating Software version Melco OS v11.11.114 or Bravo OS v12.02.122, Bernina OS v11.13.125, or earlier, the Sensitivity values for those older versions can range from -100 to 50, and are changed by increments of 10.  Different values are used in newer versions, as detailed above.


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