Micro Chenille - Overview

Here is our YouTube video All About Micro Chenille.

Micro chenille stitching is only for larger filled areas. The effect is achieved by placing 3 fills on top of each other and overfeeding the thread. The Burmilana thread is very thick, so for this reason it is best suited for larger simple shaped elements on thicker garments. Here is a Micro Chenille Test Design.


1.  Place this .STL file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Melco\Design Shop v10\FabricStyles\Fabric

2.  This thread type requires a wider tie-in and tie-off stitch pattern with more tie stitches than normal as shown below.



3.  The fill properties are shown below. 3 separate fills can be digitized or converted from vector objects, or a Style can be applied to a single fill or converted vector fill object. A sample Style settings file  (Burmilana Chenille.fabric.ST3) is included in this help folder.







1.  If available, use the Fancy (Burmilana) option in the Color Sequence.


2.  Increase the Acti-Feed to be higher than what it would normally be.

3.  Note that Burmilana Thread might sew better with Enable Bobbin Thread Detection turned off.

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