Enable Bobbin Thread Detection

You might encounter applications that run better with Enable Bobbin Thread Detection turned off. Generally, this is not recommended because the situation is more likely being caused by digitization errors.

If you are sewing an application requiring that setting to be disabled go to: Tools > Settings… > and uncheck Enable Bobbin Thread Detection.

  • Remember to turn this setting on again when you change your application.
  • You can use the Bobbin Timer to prevent the machine from not detecting bobbin run out. Go to Tools > Settings… > Check Bobbin Timer.
  • If you had already changed the TBS Calibration Sensitivity you might need to set it back to default, if the False Bobbin Breaks were application specific.






Above is an example of a short stitch length (the red thread) trying to sew on a hat. Digitization like this might produce sew quality issues but in this example the machine runs fine with Bobbin Thread Detection turned off.


Some applications that might require Bobbin Thread Detection to be turned off (Depending on software version):

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