Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection Software (IDS)

Melco software should work alongside most popular anti-virus/anti-malware/VPN programs without issue.  In rare cases when a conflict occurs, it can be helpful to disable features such as "Real-Time Protection" or "Intrusion Prevention" within the anti-virus software.

  • Check with the anti-virus software developer. There are many revisions of anti-virus software with different options. It's best to check with the software developer of the anti-virus about creating exceptions to their anti-virus filters.
  • Disabling anti-virus does not always resolve the situation, the anti-virus software might need to be uninstalled. For McAfee protection software, if unable to Uninstall the program, here is a McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool.

If you are only experiencing issues during Melco software installation, try disable the anti-virus program's functionality temporarily until you have installed the Melco software.

If you are still having issues after following the steps above, continue with the steps for Melco machine is not detected.  


Conflicts have been reported with:

  • 2012 Release of Kaspersky Labs Internet Security - Resolution: Uncheck "Enable Application Control"
  • ESET Smart Security Firewall - Resolution is Documented Here.
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere - Uncheck the "launch.exe" which they incorrectly identify as a threat.
  • Carbon Black - Melco OS has to be set to "allowed" within that software.


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