NPT Upgrade - Warranty

This is the warranty information for the NPT (Needle Plate Trimmer) Upgrade:


NPT Upgrade is available for EMT16, EMT16Plus, Bravo (Gen2), and Bernina E16 models only.  Machines must be in working order prior to the upgrade; non-functioning machines are not eligible for the NPT Upgrade.

• 6 Month Warranty on NPT Upgrade Kit Parts and Installation/Labor 

• 90 Day Warranty on Consumable Components: Hook, Knife, Bobbin Case, Hook Cover Assembly, Retaining Finger and Needle Plate

• All other parts of the machine adhere to the original warranty period (including machines already under Extended Warranty)

• NPT Upgrade Kit (PN# 35350) does not include:

New HP Hoop Arms
New Grabber Blade
New Thread Tree Upgrades

•  NPT Upgrade is not available for, nor compatible with: original Bravo (Gen1); XTS; XT; and AMAYA models.

•  Compatible machines with original mainboard (EMT16 Serial Numbers prior to 403291 and Bravo Serial Numbers prior to 340361142) require a mainboard upgrade from original 31058-19 to 34799-02  This is not included in the NPT Upgrade Package.


Mainboard Upgrade Kit Part Numbers:

  • R34823 (EMT16)
  • R34824 (Bravo)
  • R34825 (Bernina E16)
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