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Melco's YouTube Education and Training Channel

More Melco YouTube videos. Featuring:

  • Melco Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation
  • EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machine Features & Functions
  • Melco EMT16 PLUS Real Hoop Limits
  • Melco Acti-Feed on EMT16 PLUS Embroidery Machines
  • AMAYA, EMT16 & EMT16 PLUS Keypad Shortcuts

Embroidery and Digitizing with Melco Machines and DesignShop:

  • Removing Jump Stitches from Expanded Files
  • Digitizing Appliqué with DesignShop v10
  • Creating Repeating Patterns in DesignShop Pro+
  • Creating a Knockdown Stitch with DesignShop v10 Pro+
  • Editing Fill out of Satin Text
  • Wire Frame Editing
  • Setting a Design to Show Colors on the Screen Based on Color Sequence
  • Monogram Fonts

        ...and many other helpful tutorial videos.




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