Operating Software: Machine Type


Go to Tools > Maintenance > and check the Machine Type

Verify which Machine Type is required for your machine model:

C0 = Original Amaya (BigRed) machines
C1 = XT & XTS machines
C2 = Machines with a 34799 Main-PCB

     0 = Invalid/Error

Check your machine's Trimmer Type, in order to verify if the Machine Type needs to be corrected before following with the steps below.

  1. Go to the Tools.

  2. If you see the option Advanced Machine Configuration go to step 10, otherwise continue.
  3. Close the Operating Software.
    The instructions below detail a change within the Windows Registry.  This change should only be made by someone who is experienced with making Registry modifications.
  4. Click the Windows button in the bottom left corner of your computer.
  5. Type in regedit and open the Registry Editor.
  6. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Melco\MC\Settings.
  7. Change the MachConfig value from 0 to 1. For versions of AOS 2004.5 and older, 'MachConfig' may say 'Developer'. If you cannot see either, add the registry entry by Right-clicking > Edit > New > DWORD 32 > rename to MachConfig.


  8. Close the registry editor.
  9. Restart the Operating Software.
  10. Go to Tools > Advanced Machine Configuration.
  11. Check the machine type:

    1. Set to  194  for EMT16 machines
    2. Set to  193  for XT machines
    3. Set to  192  for Original Amaya (BigRed)
  12. Click Set Config.
  13. Exit the Advanced Machine Configuration.
  14. Power Cycle the machine.
  15. Reset the serial number for the machine by going to Tools > Set Serial Number.
  16. Recalibrate the Needle Case, it's probably incorrect. For EMT16Plus and EMT16* or for XTS and XT.
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