Digitizing - Overview

For application specific Best Practices search the Knowledgebase for your fabric or thread type. Articles with exhaustive information on a topic are titled with - Overview, for example 3D Foam (Puff) Digitizing And Embroidering - Overview.


Articles titled Digitizing Issue cover topics where the digitizing could cause or contribute to sew quality issues. Sometimes the aesthetics of a design require there to be aspects that can be considered an error. However, there are often Best Practices which can reduce issues while sewing. Depending on the application, it is best to balance the aesthetic look of the design with how it will sew.

Digitizing Issue: Needle Breaks


Articles titled DesignShop cover functionality and educational material.

DesignShop - Getting Started - Individualized Custom Training

DesignShop Talk - Episodes And Topics

DesignShop V10 And V11 Levels

Embroidery Design Guidelines

Element Types: Expanded And Wireframe

Determining Stitch Type: Satin Stitch Or Fill Stitch

DesignShop Accelerator Editor Hot Keys

Alphabets In DesignShop - Overview

DesignShop: Cross Stitch

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