Rayon Thread (Viscose) - Overview

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Rayon is a type of thread. It can be more susceptible to certain issues, for example Slingshots. The below recommendations might help reduce issues with this difficult thread.


1.  If possible, switch to Polyneon. Polyneon is stronger and easier to work with, and is the recommended thread to use.

2.  Increase the actifeed to be slightly higher than what you would normally be running.

3.  Reduce the speed to 600 spm.

4.  If you are unfamiliar with Hook Timing, skip this step. Advance the Hook Timing for machines with S95 hooks, so the Hook Point is slightly to the right of the needle.


5.  Typically, the NPT trimming system is more successful with Rayon thread. If you frequently use this type of thread, consider upgrading your trimming system.

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