Red Wide-Angle Driver - Ball Bearings Adjustment

If you are noticing X Errors or X Registration issues, only when sewing on caps you might need to check the Bearings Adjustment for the Red Driver.


Video Instructions for Red Driver Bearing Adjustment

  1. Hold the Driver upside down, while the Red Ring is faced away from you.
  2. Center the Rail so it is not sticking out either end.
  3. See if the center Ball Bearing is aligned with the Center screw.
  4. If it is not it will need to be corrected with the steps below.
  5. If the bearings are too far left, you will need to push them right. If they are too far right, you will need to push them left.
  6. The Ball Bearings are held down by a Metal Clip/wall, that splitting the bearings in half.
  7. Press a screwdriver into the Ball Bearing on the half that is closer to you. Do not push on the Metal Clip with the screwdriver.
  8. Hold the screwdriver firmly while spinning the driver toward the screwdriver, this will push the Ball Bearings.
  9. Re-center the rail and keep adjusting as needed.
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