Using New Melco Plastic Hoops with HoopMaster

In Summer, 2021, Melco implemented a new style of plastic hoops (Identification Details Below). 

For HoopMaster users who are switching from the original hoop style to the new hoops, an updated fixture is required to fit the new hoops, and is available for purchase through Melco Parts or through Midwest Products, Inc.  The updated fixture is only compatible with the new hoops, and will not work with the original hoop style.


New HoopMaster Fixtures:

9cm Hoop Fixture:                                            (Midwest Products PN#CHB-9cm-U)

12cm Hoop Fixture: Melco PN#16941-01-AO (Midwest Products PN#CHB 12CM-U)

15cm Hoop Fixture: Melco PN#16942-01-AO (Midwest Products PN#CHB 15CM-U)

18cm Hoop Fixture:   Midwest Products PN#CHB 18cm

New 15cm HoopMaster Station Kit: Melco PN#16898-01 (Midwest Products PN#CHB 15KIT)



Identifying New Hoop Style:

9cm Hoop PN# 10219-01 (Outer Ring PN# 12476)

12cm Hoop PN# 10217-01 (Outer Ring PN# 12432)

15cm Hoop PN# 10216-01 (Outer Ring PN# 12339)

18cm Hoop PN# 10215-01 


Hoop Size Marking On Top of Hoop




4 Alignment Marks On Top of the Inner Hoop



Replaceable Threaded Insert





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