Melco EMT16X Virtual Training Curriculum


  • Sufficient internet bandwidth for Zoom virtual meeting and for remote computer connection.  Low quality video will prohibit virtual training from occurring successfully.
  • Web camera for video communication.
  • Ability to use Zoom videoconferencing program.
  • Complete at least the Prior to Training Session 1 videos below.  Watching all of the training videos for the entire course is highly recommended prior to the Virtual Training Sessions.
  • Three separate days within a two week period dedicated to the Virtual Training Sessions (Dates and Times will be coordinated with the Melco Trainer).

Prior to Training Session 1:  Watch and D(other than initial maintenance) 

  1. Unpacking (skip if White Glove Delivery) 
  2. Assembling the Cart (skip if White Glove Delivery) 
  3. Machine on Cart (skip if White Glove Delivery) 
  4. Attaching the User Interface Panel and End Caps (skip if White Glove Delivery) 
  5. Selecting Connections (Simplified User Interface) - (Advanced Interface)
  6. Machine Connections Single Source 
  7. Machine Connections Multiple Source 
  8. Powering Up Machines (Simplified User Interface) - (Advanced Interface)
  9. Upper Threading 
  10. Upper Threading without thread in the machine 
  11. Bobbin Threading and Tension 


DAY 1:  Virtual Training Session 1 (total time 1:30) 

Review 11 videos above and step through initial maintenance  

  • First 11 videos: 20 minutes 
  • Anatomy/Terminology of Machine Parts:  20 minutes 
  • Introduce Simplified and Advanced Interfaces and choose which one will be used during training. 
  • Initial Maintenance: 30 minutes
  • Q&A on this section: 20 minutes 


Prior to Training Session 2: Watch and Do (Simplified Interface) 

  1. Screen Overview (Simplified User Interface) 
  2. Loading a Design (Simplified User Interface) 
  3. Colorizing the Thread Cone Display & Setting the Color Sequence 
  4. Selecting a Hoop (Simplified User Interface) 
  5. Setting Machine Speed (Simplified User Interface) 
  6. Setting Acti-Feed settings (Simplified User Interface) 
  7. Design Orientation and Position (Simplified User Interface) 
  8. Changing to Advanced Interface 


Prior to Training Session 2: Watch and Do (Advanced Interface) 

  1. Screen Overview (Advanced Interface) 
  2. Loading a Design (Advanced Interface) 
  3. Setting the Color Sequence (Advanced Interface) 
  4. Selecting a Hoop (Advanced Interface) 
  5. Setting Machine Speed (Advanced Interface) 
  6. Setting Acti-Feed settings (Advanced Interface) 
  7. Design Orientation and Position (Advanced Interface) 
  8. Changing to (Simplified User Interface) 


DAY 1:  Virtual Training Session 2 (total time :90) 

  • Review Software Menus and Various Options:  30 minutes 
  • Verify understanding of options and answer any questions 

Questions from Trainer to ask and review with Customer: 

      1. What changes typically are made when changing garment type? 
      2. What are typical Acti-Feed Settings? 
      3. What are typical Presser Foot Settings? 
      4. How to set Needle Orientation and Bobbin Tension? 
  • Step through Maintenance:  60 minutes 
  1. Rotary Hook Maintenance 
  2. Weekly Maintenance 
  3. Monthly Maintenance 
  4. Quarterly Maintenance 
  5. Feed Roller Maintenance 
  6. Centering the Needleplate 



Prior to Training Session 3: Watch and Do 

  1. Choosing an Appropriate Hoop (Simplified User Interface) (Advanced Interface)
  2. Hooping Technique 
  3. Hooping a Shirt 
  4. Loading a Garment 
  5. Presser Foot Adjust (Simplified User Interface) (Advanced Interface)
  6. Trace and Sew (Simplified User Interface) 
  7. Finishing a Garment 
  8. Powering Down the Machine (Simplified User Interface) 
  9. Backings and Toppings 


DAY 1:  Virtual Training Session 3 (total time 2:00)  

  • Review Videos 1-6 above: 30 minutes 
  • Moving through a design, Reset design, Move to Stitch#, Color Change. 
  • Hooping Introduction: 60 minutes 

Sew Customer’s First Sewout.  (Applications to create new design. Make sure that there is material in the Madeira starter kit.) 

  • Q&A, including Technical Support Resources: 30 minutes 
  • Preview Virtual Training Day 2 (Required Videos) 



*********************************** END OF DAY 1 ****************************** 


Prior to Training Session 4: Watch and Do 

  1. Anatomy of a Needle 
  2. Needle Replacement 
  3. Changing A Needle 
  4. Thread Types 
  5. Needle Types 


DAY 2:  Virtual Training Session 4 (total time 2:00) 

  • Review videos 1-6 above:  30 minutes 
  • Wireframe vs Expanded: 10 minutes 
  • Applique and Puff Foam: 30 minutes 
  • DesignShop Lettering:  20 minutes 
  • Q&A 30 minutes 



Prior to Training Session 5: Watch  

  1. Selecting Driver (in Simplified User Interface) 
  2. Selecting a Wide Angle Driver 
  3. Attaching the Cap Gauge 
  4. Loading a Hooped Cap 
  5. Adjusting the Red Wide Angle Driver 
  6. Selecting a Cap Frame (Simplified User Interface)  (Advanced Interface)
  7. Installing the Wide Angle Driver 
  8. Sew Settings for Caps (Simplified User Interface) (Advanced Interface)
  9. Centering a Design on a Cap 



DAY 2:  Virtual Training Session 5 (total time 2:00) 

  • Cap Sewout: 1 hour and 45 minutes 

Customer’s First Cap Sewout.  (Applications to create new design. Will make sure that there are Otto Caps available.) 

  • Q&A 15 minutes 



*********************************** END OF DAY 2 ****************************** 



DAY 3:  Virtual Training Session 6 (total time 2:00)

  •  Approximately 2 weeks later – scheduled follow-up call – Review Status Q&A
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