Acti-feed When Using Melco OS v11.09.099 (Or Lower), Amaya OS And Bravo OS v11

This information applies to Melco OS version 11.09.099 (or lower), Amaya OS and Bravo OS v11. This does not apply to Melco OS v11.11.114 (and above) or Bravo OS v12. Check your Melco Software Version to verify what you currently have installed.


These Acti-Feed Lower Limit numbers will usually be 5-7 points lower than machines using Melco OS v11.11.114 (Or Higher) And Bravo OS V12. Run a few test garments to determine the best values.


Melco OS v11.09.099 and Bravo OS v11.09.100 have an Acti-Feed Maximum Upper Limit of 80. Some prior versions, including Amaya OS software, might have an Acti-Feed Maximum Upper Limit of 40.

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