Error When Launching DesignShop v9 or AMAYA OS v9 - "This app has been blocked for your protection."

If you receive this error when launching DesignShop v9 or AMAYA OS v9:  "This app has been blocked for your protection."  Follow the steps below:


Follow these steps below to disable the Windows' User Account Control (UAC) notification...formerly known as Limited User Account - (LUA):

The instructions below detail a change within the Windows Registry.  This change should only be made by someone who is experienced with making Registry modifications.

In the Windows Registry (REGEDIT), navigate to the following key:


Change the EnableLUA value from 1 to 0

You must then restart Windows (as prompted).


After restarting Windows, DesignShop v9 and/or AMAYA OS v9 should launch properly.

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