DesignShop "Center Hoop" Differs from Machine OS "Center Hoop"


If you notice that the center of the hoop in DesignShop varies from the center of the hoop in the Machine OS, this offset can be the result of deeper hoops that need to be further forward due to pantograph (X-Y Beam) depth restrictions.


           mceclip0.png            mceclip1.png

           Center Hoop in Design Shop           Center Hoop in Machine OS


If you notice this difference, you can center your design in the Machine OS using the Laser Alignment and it will sew as depicted on screen. The cross-hair in the Machine OS represents where the Needle Plate hole is in relation to the hoop at Center Hoop.


In the Operating Software, the X/Y location of the pantograph is measured in Points (.1mm):




You can see the X/Y offset for a hoop in DesignShop by going to Tools > Hoop Setup... 



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