Loading Settings from Design

This information will explain how to automatically load settings from a design using the ‘Melco OS Settings’ option in DesignShop and the ‘Load Machine Settings’ in your Melco operating software, including Melco OS, Bravo OS and AMAYA OS.

Some of the settings for your Melco embroidery machine can be set in DesignShop within the design file. Some of these settings include acti-feed and sew speed.

This feature is completely dependent on the machine and operating software being able to retrieve these settings. Some early models of machines or operating software might not provide this feature. 

Here is how to enable that feature:


Set the ‘Melco OS settings’ within DesignShop:

     1. Click on to Tools > Melco OS Settings...


2. Populate the machine settings as you would in the operating software.

3. Click OK.

4. The next time the .OFM file is saved, the machine settings will be saved with it.

5. To load these settings to your machine load the design in your Operating Software and press the Load Machine Settings button.



Load Machine Settings in the Operating Software (Melco OS, Bravo OS, AMAYA OS)

If machine settings have been saved in the loaded .OFM design, clicking or tapping the Load Machine Settings button will load the saved settings to the machine.



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