Heavy Garments - Overview

Here's Melco's Presentation on Embroidering on Thick/Heavy Garments such as Carhartt jackets:  Facebook and YouTube.


  • Use a Mighty Hoop or Slimline Clamp. Traditional hoops can pop apart during sewing. 
  • Use 80/12 Sharp needles and run the machine around 850 SPM.
  • Use a single layer of tear-away backing.
  • A Medium Tabletop will help support the garment.
  • Move the Presser Foot up, depending on the thickness of the coat.
  • Move up the Min. setting of Auto Mode.  Start around 25 pts. and monitor what Auto is reporting as an average as it sews.  Tweak the Auto Min. up or down if necessary.
  • Thinner satin stitches will distort on the course fabric, so keep satin stitches on the wider side for clarity.
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