Adding and Updating Thread Charts in DesignShop, Melco OS and Bravo OS

Updated 09.24.21

Adding new Thread Charts to your Melco software is as simple as copying the update file (.tch file) into the appropriate folder in Windows' File Explorer.  Added thread charts will appear in both the Advanced and Simplified Interfaces.

  • Copy the .tch file (located below) to:
  • C:\Program Files <x86>\Melco\{product name}\Color Data

Here are the instructions for creating Custom Thread Charts.

You can change Color Names with a text editor (such as Windows' Notepad) by editing any of the files in this folder:    C:\Program Files (x86)\melco\[program name]\Color Data

Madeira Classic Rayon (updated chart for Advanced and Simplified Interfaces 03.18.24)

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