Screen Refreshes when Loading Design File in Melco OS or Bravo OS v11.09.096 (and above)

When loading a design file in Melco OS or Bravo OS version 11.09.096 or higher, if the screen goes completely grey and then reloads the design file, turn off the Enable Tie-In / Tie-Off feature detailed below.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Necessity to load a design multiple times before it remains on the screen.
  • Multiple Machines Unable to Load at the Same Time
  • Auto Color Sequence did not work.
  • Design Doesn't Show on Screen after Loading.


 In Melco OS, click Tools – Settings.   Uncheck the “Enable Tie In / Tie Off” option. 

Important Note, if it’s already unchecked, you will need to first CHECK this option, click Apply, and then UNCHECK the option and click Apply:




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