Sending a Design to Multiple Machines at the Same Time in Melco OS

You can send a design to multiple machines at once in both the Simple (UI) and Advanced (OS) Interfaces of Melco OS.

In the Simple Interface you can use the “-“ and “+” by the machine numbers at the bottom of the screen to select them.  In either mode the selection is a one time thing, next load you will have to go through it again.

In the Advanced Interface, click on one machine in the list and then use Ctrl + Click (mouse click) to select more machines.  You can also use Ctrl + A to select all, or select one machine and then use Shift + Click to select the machines in a range.  


  • If machines are loaded at one time, you can select the color sequence and set it for one machine, and it will set that same sequence for all selected machines.  If you then pick a hoop it will set it for all selected machines.


  • If you are in the Advanced Interface and multiple machines are loaded at once, you can move all hoops at once (Wiper + Hoop after moving one hoop to the desired location) and Start all machines at once ( Wiper + Start).
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