Identifying Various Lubricants for Melco Machines


Machine Maintenance Instructions are detailed in this video.




Standard Sewing Machine Oil - SAE 5 (5 Weight) Standard Machine Oil - The Oil Pen is used for oiling the Hook and Needle Bars.  We recommend oiling the hook at the beginning of the day and after every 4 hours of machine operation.  This is also available in 1 Quart Bottles

  • MSDS documentation for this oil is at the bottom of this page. 





Multipurpose RED SHC100 Synth Lube   (this is the direct replacement for the previous Lithium Grease)  This Red Grease can be used in all maintenance steps (except for the Thread Feeder Roller Maintenance) for all AMAYA, XT, XTS, Bravo and EMT16 and EMT16Plus machines, including lubricating the Eccentric Surface during the 10,000,000 Maintenance Procedure.

  • MSDS documentation for PN#34463-01 RED Multipurpose Grease is at the bottom of this page.






BEIGE Embroidery Polymer 30cc    This is ONLY for lubricating plastic parts in the Thread Feeder Roller Maintenance and should not be used to lubricate any metal surfaces.  

  • MSDS documentation for PN#32078-01 Beige Polymer Grease is at the bottom of this page. 



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