Prompting to enter an Access Code

If you are receiving this exact prompt when you launch your Melco software:



This indicates one of the following situations:


Condition:  If you have recently upgraded your software to Melco OS v11 or Bravo OS v11, you should've received a Virtual Serial Number (beginning with M201- or B201-).  The prompt above indicates that you still have a USB Security Dongle from an earlier revision of software plugged into your computer. 

Resolution:  Remove the USB Security Dongle and the software will prompt you to enter the new Virtual Serial Number provided to you on the back of the installation DVD case and/or via e-mail.



Condition:  If you have recently upgraded your software to AMAYA OS v10, you should have received an Access Code via e-mail; sent to the e-mail address that we have on file in your Melco customer record. 

Resolution: Enter that Access Code to upgrade the programming on your USB Security Dongle to make it compatible with the updated version of AMAYA OS.


Condition:  You have installed a higher version of Melco software than your USB Security Dongle supports. 

Resolution:  Install the correct/compatible version of Melco software for your USB Security Dongle.


Condition:  You have inserted the incorrect/older USB Security Dongle for your Melco software.  Resolution:  Locate and use the correct/compatible USB Security Dongle.


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