Understanding Melco Shell Extensions

DesignShop is a 32-bit application, and runs properly on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

To see a design as a thumbnail of the icon, we put both 32-bit and 64-bit Shell Extensions in place.  Our shell extension integrates with Windows'.  Windows utilizes our 32-bit Shell Extension (EDSExtn32.dll) to show the thumbnails of the designs for various file types (see list of file types in the 2nd screen capture below).  The same is true for 64-bit, except or 64-bit Shell Extension (EDSExtn64.dll) is used by Window’s to display design file thumbnails.  This is true as long as other programs don’t have their own Shell Extensions for those same file types and override our connection to those files. Another program may take over for an extension that we would normally provide an icon for.




There is an option within the software to associate file extensions (.OFM, .EXP, .DST, .PES, etc…see below) so that DesignShop will open and use those file when double-clicking on them (standard Windows File Association functionality).  Click:  Tools - Options - File Associations.  


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