Creating and Sending a Bug Report


After completing this procedure, a “.bug” file will have been saved to your Download folder or another folder that you have specified.

We appreciate you taking the time to step through the Melco Operating System “Report Bug” procedure and then emailing the debug file as an attachment to

We hope that this additional information from the machine will facilitate our investigation.

Customer-Specific Instructions

Please perform this procedure at least twice during the working day: (1) at the beginning of the shift, shortly after the machine has successfully booted and connected with Melco Operating System and (2) just before powering OFF the machine at the end of the shift.


Step 1 - Navigate to the Maintenance Report Bug Tab


2024-01-09 09_16_25-Melco OS Flex+ - [406913].png

Step 2 - Describe the Bug Report

After tapping the “Report bug…” tab, the Bug Report pop-up will be displayed.


2024-01-09 09_19_43-Melco OS Flex+ - [406913].png

The following is an example; feel free to communicate what is appropriate at the time.


2024-01-09 09_25_30-Melco OS Flex+ - [406913].png

Step 3 - Name the Bug Report File

The following is an example; feel free to specify an appropriate name.

2024-01-09 09_33_50-2024-01-09 09_28_16-Melco OS Flex+ - [406913].png ‎- Photos.png


2024-01-09 09_30_04-Melco OS Flex+ - [406913].png


Step 4 - Email Bug Report File as an Attachment to Melco

Unless you have been given a specific email address, please email the file as an attachment to an email to

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