Important - Needle Case Calibration is Required when Updating to Melco OS or Bravo OS version 11.07.082 or above.

January 10, 2017


This document ONLY applies to:

  • EMT16 machines with Serial Number (located on right side of the machine) of 403291 or higher
  • BRAVO machines with a Serial Number of 340361142 or higher.

If you have a serial number below those, or if you have an earlier model of Melco embroidery machine (AMAYA, XT, XTS), this document does not apply.


As soon as your Melco OS (EMT16) or Bravo OS (BRAVO) has been updated to version 11.07.082, Needle Case Calibration must be performed to ensure that your Melco machines operate at optimum efficiency:

EMT16 Owners:  Follow These Instructions for EMT16 Needle Case Calibration.

BRAVO Owners:  Follow These Instructions for BRAVO Needle Case Calibration.

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