Melco OS or Bravo OS - Prompting to "Activate this Product"

Current versions of Melco OS and Bravo OS feature Virtual Security functionality.

EMT16Plus and EMT16X are packaged with Melco OS software and a Serial Number on the back of the DVD case.  No Melco OS security dongle is included with EMT16Plus or EMT16X.

Bravo machines purchased since March 2018 are packaged with Bravo OS software and a Serial Number on the back of the DVD case. 

Important:  If you have a Bravo "C Package" purchased before March, 2018 you should have a USB security dongle. If the Bravo USB security dongle is plugged in, you won’t receive the prompt to "Activate this Product" (below). If the security dongle is plugged in, but not recognized by Windows, refer to this documentation instead.

If you have a Bravo Package A or B, purchased before March, 2018, it will not include a security dongle or serial number.  You will receive the prompt below and you'll need to click on “Lite”.


  • If you need to Activate/Deactivate the software on a computer that does not have internet access, you'll need the Device Identification code that is generated by DesignShop on the non-internet computer. Then, with that Device Identification code, use a computer with internet access, and go to this website to generate the Activation Code:
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