Melco OS and Bravo OS Prompting for Software Update

As of Melco OS and Bravo OS version 11.04.056, the software has the ability to automatically detect and prompt if a new version of software is available.  It will proceed with the download/update when you allow it to do so.

An internet connection is necessary.  If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will not receive a prompt when an update is available.


Here are the screens that you will see:


1)  You will receive a message that the Software Manager is searching for updates:


2) You will receive a notification of the new version that's ready to be downloaded and installed.  Click Next to proceed with the update:



3)  The download will begin.  Depending upon your internet speed, the download could take anywhere from several minutes to several hours:


4)  Note - if you close and reopen the Melco OS or Bravo OS software while the download is taking place, you will receive this notification.  You can click Finish to close this message:


5)  When the download has completed, click Next to begin installation of the update:



6)  You may be prompted to close the Melco OS or Bravo OS software if you currently have it running.  Also, power off your Melco embroidery machine(s) at this time.  Once you've done that, click Next.



7)  The update will be installed:



8)  When the update has completed, click Finish:


9)  You can now launch your Melco OS or Bravo OS software using the standard desktop icon, then turn the machine on.  (In some cases, you may find that it's necessary to instead turn the machine on before launching the software for the machine to be detected.)


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