What's New in DesignShop 10 (Including Full List of Alphabets)

This information is included in Help - Help Topics within DesignShop 10 and is updated with each revision.

See the "DesignShop Alphabets v10.pdf" file at the bottom of this page for full list of DesignShop v10 Alphabets.


What’s New in DesignShop Version 10 (from online manual)



• Color icons are now an option. Go to Tools>Options>Preferences to change the setting.
• Trims inside alphabet letters no longer cause indeterminate property values.
• Updated Gunold thread charts.
• True Type Modified alphabets are now functional.
• Advanced tab functionality has been added to Lite and standard levels.
• Default Property Changes - These defaults will not overwrite previously installed defaults.
• Ties in and off are defaulted to ON and use style 1.
• Tie-in width is set to 7 points with a number of stitches at 3.
• Changed satin stitch density to AUTO with a modified auto table.
• Auto Underlay is defaulted to ON with modified underlay tables.
• Changed travel stitch length to 20 points.
• "Allow Interior Entry Exit" is now OFF by default.
• Snap to Grid can be now be a default setting.
• Step and Repeat now allows negative numbers.
• EPS file handling has been improved.
• Dragging a file into DesignShop to open now works in a Windows 10 environment.
• Alphabet descenders can be included or excluded from Envelope or Perspective line types.
• Added Alphabets:
• OESCO Block
• Services Block
• Addition of the following hoops
• Mighty Hoop 6”x 4”/ 15.2cm x 10.2cm
• Mighty Hoop 3”x 9”/ 7.6cm x 22.9cm
• Melco Fast Clamp
• Hoop database will overwrite previous database upon software installation.
• Various performance improvements



• Check For Updates - If updates are available, the software will automatically display an update notification. Internet connection is required for this feature.

• Update process improvements.

• Continuous underlay is now off by default.

• Keyboard shortcuts for change element type were added to the DesignShop Level.

• Various performance improvements


• Check For Updates - Now the update link provides the option to download and view "What's New" in the new version before choosing to update.
• Security activation instructions have been revised and simplified.
• Thread Charts Updated - R-A Super Brite Poly, R-A Super Strength Rayon, Madeira Frosted Matt,
Madeira Poly Neon
• Thread Chart Added - Iris Ultra Brite Poly

• Added Fanci Monogram (3 Letter)
• Added EPS handling warning dialog
• Added language support for: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.

• 25 New Alphabets - See Below for full list of DesignShop v10 Alphabets.
• New Alphabet Categories - Sorted alphabets makes it easier to find that perfect typeface. This
includes a Recent Projects category for that alphabet that you just used in the last project.
• New Alphabet Search Function - If you know the name or partially know it, type it in the alphabet
field. DesignShop will now filter by what you type!
• New Alphabet Previews - Alphabet previews now appear on screen with a full preview of the alphabet,
a live preview of the selected lettering, and guidelines for embroidery alphabets.
• New Alphabet Print Function - If you would prefer to print a preview of the current alphabet or all
the embroidery alphabets in your software, you now have that option.
• New Main Screen Look & Feel - Updated icons and toolbars.
• New Digitizing & Editing Cursors - The digitizing and editing cursors have been improved, enlarged,
and are now easier to see.
• New File Support - Open ART and EMB files.
• Virtual Security Keys - No more physical security keys (dongles)!
• New Open Dialog - View all supported embroidery AND graphic files at the same time.
• Updated Thread Charts - New colors and new thread color names.
• Element Naming - You can name elements and color blocks in the Project View.
• Improved Vector File Support - Rendering of vector files has been improved.
11 of 216
• Raster Preview of Vector Files - A raster preview of the opened vector graphic is generated and
displayed in the background of the view window.
• Mighty Hoop Support - Mighty Hoops have been added to the hoop list.
• New Hoop Tech Clamp and Frame Support - New Hoop Tech clamps and frames have been added
to the hoop list.
• Improved Help - The manual has been rewritten and newly formatted to be able to be easily printed
or transferred to most tablets and some e-readers.
• Improved Icon Preview Generation
• Fully Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Window 8.1

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