Open-Type Font Compatibility with DesignShop

TrueType fonts and TrueType-style OpenType fonts loaded into the system fonts folder on your computer can typically be used by DesignShop. These fonts utilize vector shapes in the creation of the letterforms and those vector shapes are converted into wireframe stitch elements by your software. These fonts are found in the TrueType alphabet category. The location of the actual font files is in the system fonts folder of your computer.

Some Open-Type fonts will not work with DesignShop. The font must be a True Type-style font. If you double-click on the font in Windows it will tell you if it is a True Type font.

Note: As these fonts were never meant to be made into embroidery, they may take some adjusting of properties or editing of the wireframe shapes to sew well.

Here is additional information on adding alphabets and fonts in DesignShop.



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