MELCO OS, AMAYA OS or BRAVO OS is minimized on Windows Taskbar

There are two different scenarios.  Read both of these to determine which one might apply to your situation.


SCENARIO #1:  Hover over the Melco/Amaya/Bravo icon on the Taskbar.  A preview window will appear. Move the cursor into the preview window, right click on it and select Maximize.




SCENARIO #2:    Hover over the Melco/Amaya/Bravo icon on the Taskbar.  You see a window with the Minimize, Maximize and Close icons.


The information below involves changes to the Windows Registry.  This change should only be made by someone who is experienced with making Registry modifications.

  1. Press CTRL-ALT-Delete, open Task Manager.  "End Task" for Melco/Amaya/Bravo.
  2. Open the Registry Editor.
  3. Browse to HKey_Current_User >> Software >> Melco >> MC >> Frame folder. Delete the Frame folder.
  4. Close the Registry Editor. Open the program. 



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