How to Uninstall ENS in Windows 2000 & XP

1. Open ENS. Click on Tools >> Properties. Write down the settings. You will need this to re-configure ENS after it is re-installed. Close ENS
2. Click on Start >> Run. Type in Regedit, click on OK.
3. On the Left side, if My Computer is highlighted continue. If not scroll to the top. Click on the – next to My Computer and close the Registry Editor. Start at step 1 again.
4. Click on the + next to HKey_Current_User.
5. Go down and click on the + next to Software.
6. Go down and click on the + next to Melco.
7. Under there delete the ENS folder. Close the Registry editor.
8. Click on Start >> Control Panel. Open Add Remove Programs.
9. In Add Remove Programs select ENS and remove it. Close Add Remove Programs.
10. Click on Start >> My Computer.
11. Open the C: drive.
12. Open Program Files >> open Melco Embroidery Systems.
13. Delete the Embroidery Network Systems folder. Close My Computer.
14. Insert the program CD and just install ENS.

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