Melco Software on Apple/Mac Computers

Melco software is not designed to work natively on Apple/Mac computers. The recommended installation is on a Windows PC, as listed in the System Requirements statement. Installation of Melco hardware and software on virtual Windows platforms have had varied results. Melco does not provide telephone technical support on these platforms, but customer feedback is available here:

  • There have been reports of successful installations running Windows through Boot Camp on Apple/Mac computers.  
  • Parallels may not provide Windows Ethernet or USB Security Dongle support on startup.  It may require manual activation each time it is launched.  Make sure that Parallels is set to use the wired Ethernet connection (cable connection) and not the Wireless connection.
  • VMWare Fusion is another method of running Windows on Apple/Mac systems.

Here's Melco's video presentation on this topic from 01.22.20:   Installing Melco Software on an Apple/Mac Computer - (Facebook) - (YouTube)

Questions or issues using any of the above platforms should be directed to the Technical Support services at those respective companies.

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