Small Lettering

Here is Melco's on Digitizing for Small Lettering with DesignShop v10 available in both Facebook Video Presentation and YouTube Video.

For small lettering, review the following:

  • If using keyboard lettering in Design Shop make sure you are using a lettering style that is meant for small lettering (Micro Block, Micro Times, etc.)
  • A smaller needle makes a big difference 65/9
  • Add pull compensation (1 or 2 on the Pull Offset, depending on the height)
  • Center walk underlay
  • Density (stitch spacing) should be set to Auto Density or increased so you have less stitches
  • Sometimes solvy (solufab) hooped on top helps to keep the letters looking clean, especially for knits or fabrics that have nap
  • Machine speed should be 1100 or less

More online resources:

More steps with illustrations in this Small Lettering Guide:

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