Parts for Discontinued Melco Legacy Products

You can contact Certified Melco Field Technicians to inquire about repair options for legacy Melco machines.


Third Party re-sellers who carry various parts for legacy machines:

  • Hugo Torbidoni - Send e-mail with complete machine and part description. Parts for Amaya, EMB10/6T, EMT10/4T, EMT10T, EMC10/4T, EMC10T, EMC6/4T, EMC6T(with and without Trimmers), EMC1, EM1, EP1B, EP1, Melco Starlet, some parts for the Chenille.




  • Parts for the EP1 and EP1B single-needle single-head machines may still be available by visiting


  • Some steel parts could possibly be reproduced by local machine shops if given the part that needs to be replaced.
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