Parts Resources for Discontinued Melco Legacy Products

Melco does not provide Telephone Technical Support for Legacy Machines (prior to AMAYA-style machines which were first produced in 2002).


All online manuals for Legacy Machines are located here


You can contact Certified Melco Field Technicians to inquire about repair options for Legacy Machines.


Most replacement parts are discontinued and no longer available.  Check to see if the part you are looking for might be here.   Also, here is a list of Third Party re-sellers who carry various parts for Legacy Machines:

  • Hugo Torbidoni - Send e-mail with complete machine and part description. Parts for Amaya, EMB10/6T, EMT10/4T, EMT10T, EMC10/4T, EMC10T, EMC6/4T, EMC6T(with and without Trimmers), EMC1, EM1, EP1B, EP1, Melco Starlet, some parts for the Chenille.
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