Design Checker Feature in DesignShop v11

The Design Checker feature in DesignShop v11 assists customers by scanning wire frame designs and flagging problems that should be fixed prior to production. The checker Helps in three ways. First, it will alert users of problems with their new and current design files. Second, the checker will assist them in repairing these errors. And third, it will improve their editing and digitizing skills by displaying design creation errors in real time.

A worst-case scenario for an embroidery production company is to get embroidery designs to the production floor that have quality problems. This drastically decreases production efficiency due to machines stoppage due to thread breaks. It also upsets and frustrates machine operators. Furthermore, designs with very thin or wide stitching produce poor quality results on garments. The Checker alerts the user if any of the 13 most common design problems are in the design(s) that are open. Here is the list of errors that the checker looks for:


Both new and experienced users benefit by using the checker.

New users have not learned yet how to identify poor quality embroidery by viewing it on screen as experienced users can. Melco Tech Support gets a lot of calls from new customers that try to embroider unknowingly poor-quality designs, get poor results, and erroneously blame the machine. By using the checker they will get reinforcement of their training about what to watch for and also get familiar with new terms. It will also act as a coach when making new designs. When the user creates an element that has one or more issues a message instantly pops up displaying the problem. When they fix the issue, it goes away.

Experienced users will benefit by solving problems before they get to the production floor and eat away at profits. Veteran digitizers can keep it running throughout the day and it will allow them to see oversights and omissions, everybody makes mistakes.  The checker can also be used to analyze prospective customer’s design quality and outsourced digitizing design quality.

Here are additional resources on Design Checker.

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