Remote Support Session using TurboMeeting

A Melco Support Representative may request you to allow remote control of your computer in order to troubleshoot and resolve an issue. Melco uses a tool by RHub called TurboMeeting.

Requirements for Connecting:

  • Connection to the Internet
  • You must be logged into Windows with Administrative Rights.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Join Session button.




Click here to Join Session.




The Melco Representative will give you an 8-Digit Meeting ID Code. Type that code in the top blank, and type your name in the bottom blank:


Click Join Meeting - The download will begin and you'll see the progress either at the bottom of your browser or the top left.

If your internet browser prompts you for permission to start the download, click the appropriate button to allow the download to proceed.

When the download completes, you can click on it within your internet browser, or, you can find it in your computer's default download folder.


Launch the installer, and if prompted to open the file, click Run. An installation status notification will appear.


Choose the option:  Control and view your computer - then click Continue.



The Melco Technical Support Representative should now be connected to your computer.






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