Hoop Installation Program for AMAYA OS and Older DesignShop - Adds Melco Fast Clamp PRO

The current releases of Melco OS, Bravo OS, and DesignShop 10 software provide the latest list of supported hoops, including optimization for best performance from the Melco Fast Clamp PRO.  If you are running those current versions of Melco software, this information below does not apply to your software. If needed, you can manually update your Hoops Database here.


IMPORTANT:  This Hoop Installer Program is only for AMAYA OS and version 9 and earlier of DesignShop.

Download and install the Hoop Installer Program for AMAYA OS versions 7, 9, and 10, and DesignShop v9 and earlier.

Click the link above, then click the red Download All button, and when the download is complete, Extract All files and run the SETUP.EXE.

  • Make sure that you close all Melco software (including OS and DesignShop) before starting this installation program.
  • This installation program updates and overwrites your current Hoops Database to include the Melco Fast Clamp PRO and all latest hoops.
  • If you have custom hoops that you manually created, they will be lost. In that situation, create a backup copy of your current HOOP.MDB file before running this installation program.
  • This hoop installation program does not install support for the Melco XL Hoop, and some of the latest Mighty Hoops. For the latest comprehensive support for newest hoops, manually update your hoop database.





revised 12.18.19

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