Basic Troubleshooting Steps for EMT16

Here are the most common things to check if you are encountering real or false thread breaks or quality issues when sewing:

Click on each of these topics for detailed instructions:


Check Thread Path

Check Bobbin Thread

Review your Acti-Feed Settings

Review your Presser Foot Settings

Rotary Hook Support (Retaining Finger) Adjustment     (Video Instructions)

Needle Orientation

Check Cutter Blade    (Video Instructions)

Verify Needle Depths    (Video Instructions)

Clean below the Needle Plate (How to Clear a Bird's Nest)

Identify and Clear a Thread Bind

Check Needle Case Calibration / Needle Centering   (Video Instructions)

Check Hook Timing


If the EMT16's Cutter Blade has been damaged, purchase a new one here and follow these Installation Instructions.    (Video Installation Instructions)

If the EMT16's Hook Assembly has been damaged, purchase a new one here and follow these Installation Instructions.    (Video Installation Instructions).


If you only encounter problems when sewing on caps, review these helpful instructions:

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