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Custom Patches

Check out our video presentation on Custom Patches on Facebook and YouTube, as well as Samantha's video on Digitizing for Patches with DesignShop.

The resurgence of patches in the embroidery world is plainly evident. While these little perfectly edged pieces of embroidery are currently en vogue, you might very well find that making custom patches can be very rewarding, fun, and very easy to do with your embroidery machine. Whether you are trying to get your foot in the door to impress your customer or you just need to make one patch, this technique will work for most patch applications.

There are many ways to create a patch, and the following technique is perfectly suited to experimentation and prototyping. It can be used for one-offs or multiple runs, and it can be adapted for patches of nearly any size or shape your machine will allow. This technique is similar to an Appliqué process in many ways and will hopefully feel familiar and achievable very quickly.  Enjoy the process and have fun with it!

You'll find all of the great information in the "Patches - How To" document below.

It is recommended to use heat seal backing to attach patches to garments or finished hats.

Happy sewing from The Melco Applications Team!

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