Installing a Melco Optional Alphabet in DesignShop

 Installing Optional Melco Alphabet in DesignShop


 To install an optional alphabet from a diskette or a CD:

  • Close DesignShop.
  • Insert the diskette or CD that contains the alphabet files.  -  Do not run SETUP.EXE
  • Open Windows’ File Explorer.  Choose the drive letter for that diskette drive or CD drive.
  • Open the Alpha folder on that diskette or CD.
  • Select All files (you can use CTRL-A on your keyboard)
  • Right click on the selected file(s), click on Copy.
  • Browse to: C:\Program Files(x86)\Melco\DesignShop [version]\Alphabets 
  • Right click in the Alphabets folder and click on Paste.   This will copy all of the alphabet files into the correct location.
  • Run DesignShop and the alphabet should be included in the list.


To install a custom alphabet (.OFA) file in DesignShop

  • Close DesignShop
  • Copy the alphabet (.OFA) file into:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Melco\Design Shop [version]\Alphabets 
  • Open DesignShop
  • Go into the Alphabets
  • It will detect a new alphabet and it should now be in the Alphabet list.
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