Out of Memory




This error might occur when the file was not originally saved as an .OFM file. 

  1. If you are trying to load a design from a USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, Network Drive, or Cloud Drive, try to transfer the design file to Computer’s Desktop.
  2. Try to Save as an .EXP and load that file type to the Operating Software.
  3. If your Operating Software Crashes Delete the Jobs and Machines folders. This will fix the Crashing not attempt to load the design that caused the issue until it has been saved as .EXP, or else you might need to delete the Jobs folder again.
  4. If the design is an .EXP design, try creating a new .EXP with a higher stitch count. If the design doesn’t produce the error, check for saved properties that could affect the design, or the original corrupt design will need to be re-digitized.
  5. If you are trying to edit wireframe, you might need to re-digitize the design.

Follow the steps above first. You might also notice a DesignShop Freezes: When A Design Is Sent To The Operating Software, DesignShop Freezing Issue, or Operating Software Freezing.

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