Broken Presser Foot

If you confirmed the Presser Foot is not working correctly, either the Assembly or the Spring could be broken. This example shows behavior of either part being broken.

1.  Color Change to Needle #1.


2.  Turn the Machine OFF.

3.  CAUTION!!  If your machine color changes without the Right Upper Arm Front Cover, damage to your machine will occur and a service call will be necessary, Melco will not be responsible for any damage to the machine or related service costs caused by not performing this step.
Remove the Upper Arm Right Front Cover. It’s attached with 5 screws.


4.  Verify with the pictures below which part needs replacing.

a. Presser Foot Assembly PN: 32219



b. Presser Foot Spring PN: 30825-01


5.  Reinstalled the Upper Arm Right Front Cover.

6.  For in-warranty service contact Melco Technical Support. For out of warranty machines, it is recommended to hire a Certified Melco Technician replace the broken parts.

The Presser Foot Single PN: 32216 might be freed of the Upper Presser Foot Bearing PN: 30848-03, the Bearing is white in the picture below. If the Bearing is free, it is recommended to replace the Assembly.


If the Presser Foot is warped, you will need additional technical assistance. Here are the available Melco Technical Support options.


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